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Taming the Vampire (Blood and Absinthe, #1) - Chloe Hart I was totally set to dislike this book on principal...and one line in the book saved it. No seriously...one little, well, paragraph...

Quote of the month...

He grinned at her, stroking her hair with one hand. "You want to know if you're my bitch now, don't you? No, Liz. Most definitely not. Or at least, if you're my bitch, I'm yours, too."

Don't understand it? Well, you shouldn't...you also shouldn't get why this is such a great line...

It is almost (but not nearly as awesome) like when Demi Moore says "Suck my Dick!" in G.I. Jane. You had to see the movie to know why that was so awesome!

So, take the time, read this predictable book, and see why the ending just makes it worth your time!