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Chasing Nikki - Lacey Weatherford Lacey Weatherford...I think I hate you. How could you do that to Chase!!! That was horrible!

The tragedies that Chase has to live through, has to learn to cope with...are...down right cruel!

ARGH!!! This is another one of those books where you can't explain that either. It would ruin the book...and trust me...this isn't a book you want ruined.

Who would appreciate this book?

Anyone who likes YA romances, bad boys with good hearts, and a tear-jerker. Yes, I cried. I felt SO BAD for Chase!...And OF COURSE I am going to finish the series!!! You can't four star a book and not read the next one in a series!!!

One star was taken away for the awful, horrible, evil tragedy in the end of the book. So does this book DESERVE five stars? Yes...but I am not giving it because I haven't forgiven the author yet...I am too emotional about what she did still.