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The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle Whoa! I don't know what I expected when I started this book BUT it sure wasn't that!

Ultimately what can I say about this book? It is really the "bad boy" version of the "good girl" next door.

The romantic in me loved that these two were madly in love from the time they were teenagers...the cynic in me hated the ending...you would have to read the book to understand that one.

This is a great read for a wide variety of reasons.

1. Jake is in a band...is the lead singer...and is tattoo'd! So in my world that makes him HOT!
2. The first love syndrome...First love is so sweet!
3. The issues in their relationship all stem from outside sources. They are great together.
4. A romance that follows a band tour? It was shocking how well that one worked!

So, you don't get stuck reading a ton of boring lyrics in this book. Kudos to the author for that one. You don't get lost in the band...instead, you get lost in the story...and that is exactly what a book is supposed to do.

I think this book is what we American's would consider to be written in a british? english style...some of the words threw me off but in all fairness, the book does start out in the UK and if I have it right, the author is from the UK.

Recommended for those who love romance, bad boys with soft hearts, and lippy women. Yep...it was right up my alley!