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Elly Helcl

I Remember You (I Remember You, #1) - Scarlett Metal I picked up this novella because someone on my friends list had read it and loved it.

Well, I completely agree with them.

I laughed, I giggled, and I cried (happy tears). There are very few books that leave me sniffing and wondering why the author didn't make this particular book longer, but this one did the trick for me.

This is a love story that captures the essence of your first love and makes it actually work (as in forever)!

If you don't like long books, enjoy steamy novella's, and want a HEA, this is your book.

I recommend this to all romance lovers. It was sweet and a nice change of pace.

To the author I say bravo. To elicit tears from your readers shows that you did a good job of building your characters and making them real.