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Oxford Blood - Georgiana Derwent This book was quick to jump into the action, but then it backed off and it seemed like it took forever for the book to pick back up again.

After DNF'ing two books in a row, I didn't want to make it three. I pushed my way through and found myself somewhat enjoying the book.

1. This book is far, far, far too predictable.

2. I am not sure, but it appears to be part of a series because the ending just didn't feel like an ending. It felt like a set up for a series or at least another book.

3. I could not connect to Harriet, the main female lead. She take's Georges blood, finds out it is a big deal to vamps to blood share, but does it a second time (even though she is with another vamp...yes, another one that is NOT george).

This book has real promise and I could see it being gripping book that you just can't put down...just not the way it is written.

Harriet is constantly partying. She is a freshman at Oxford and as far as I can tell, she drinks every night. I can't connect to drinkers. I personally don't drink and the need to do it everyday just baffles me.

I would recommend this to vampire die-hards. That just isn't me...