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Kidnapped the Wrong Sister - Marie Kelly I was tempted to one star this book on the grounds of being horribly, atrociously, disgustingly unedited.


Diona giggled gently against him. "So you made me a prisoner again", she said as he groaned. "I do seem to come over all caveman around you", he laughed. "But I was so worried that you would take off and jump straight on the next plane abroad to work with some agency or other, and that I might never find you again", he said with pain in his voice. "I had to keep you there until I could explain"

That is a paragraph in this book...no kidding and seriously.

The story line though was really good! I kept waiting for the cliche of Diona becoming pregnant to happen...but it didn't. That would have been the easiest way out for the author but she didn't take it.

However, she did do something that just irritates me. If this author really is a woman, she should stick to writing sex scenes from a woman's point of view. Like it or not, we women have no clue what it feels like to have an orgasm as a man. It is my experience, that authors write sex scenes better, when they stick to writing from their own experience or fantasies. Just saying...

I would only recommend this book to people who aren't grammar freaks. Hell, I am NOT that good at grammar (can you tell ^-^) and the errors in this book were getting annoying. I mean how hard is it to do basic things right? Like, putting a period where it belongs...or putting ," or ." at the end of dialogue?