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Elly Helcl

One too many fails...

Tattered Love - Lola Stark

Okay, I can really get behind descriptive authors. You know the ones that leave no detail to the imagination...


Well, that is this author...Until you get to the sex scenes and then it is wham bam, thank you ma'am. We both orgasmed with two thrusts, it was the best sex ever!!


Realistically, after multiple scenes like this, I had just had enough...Yep...I DNF'd this book.

It's not that the writing was bad...the sex scenes were that bad. I couldn't bear to read one more TEPID sex scene that the author tried so hard to make us believe was hot.


I thought the first one was forgivable, the second one was unrealistic, and the third one just tripped my bullshit button.


Good book otherwise...the sex scene fails just pulled me out of my reading zone one too many times.